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One Program,
Many Uses

Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Full Virtual Wellness

Pink Butter Cup is a full virtual online platform that is designed to help you achieve your personal health and beauty goals.  Set virtual visits with your licensed wellness doctor, track your physical and spiritual process and get connected to a community of women dedicated to a wellness lifestyle.


A Pink Lifestyle for Every Woman

Virtual Wellness Program

Pink Buttercup is full spectrum wellness program that uses technology, traditional & integrative medicine to build wellness.

1:1 Wellness Accountability

Our 1:1 Wellness program pairs you with a licensed practitioner to help guide you on your wellness journey.

Pink Community

It takes a village to achieve goals... and we are that village. Pink Buttercup connects you to a group of women eager to see you succeed in health.

What makes Pink Buttercup different?

Set Your Goal

Pink Butter Cup is personalized to your likes, dislikes, personality and lifestyle. Start with your goals such as weight loss, immunity libido, hair growth, esthetics, energy.

Attack Your Labs

Review labs and physical history via video with a doctor. If you’ve never had lab work conducted or if you need repeat lab work— we will work with your insurance to get it covered

Personalized Strategy

After assessing your goals, we build a customized health plan for you. We combine wearable health-tracking technology, traditional and integrative medicine, and supplements to target your wellness goal.

Lifestyle Check-Ins

After the one-time evaluation setup, you continue to meet with your doctor 1-2x a month. During these 1-1 sessions we review your health data and program to make sure you’re on track.

Why Pink Buttercup?

Yoga Practice
Boost Immunity

Develop a personalized plan integrating diet, lifestyle, nutrient and supplement strategies tailored to keep you healthy

Join the Pink Community

By joining the Pink Buttercup wellness community you will be connected with experts in the field of women's health and nutrition. Get invited to wellness retreats, online webinars that will connect you to other women on their wellness journey.

Looks and feel great at any age

Maintain youth or turn back time. Whether it’s skin improvement or tightening, hormone reboot, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, or intravenous nutrient infusion to increase energy, we will devise a plan to help you look and feel better.

Happy Woman

Ready to join the
Pink Buttercup community?

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